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We All Love Our Data! Protect It. Back it up.

Introducing TechEdge Protect!

Managed Enterprise Grade Virus Protection

Managed Enterprise Grade Backup to the Cloud

Remote Support - 2 Requests Per Month Included!

All for Just $20 Per Month!

We Generate Massive Amounts of Data.

Everyday we create, review, analyze, transfer and store data - Lots of It.ApolloMC.jpg
Photos.  Music.  Videos.  Spreadsheets.  Documents.  Applications.  Databases.

In fact, a modern smart phone has several thousand times the processing power of the entire
Apollo Mission Control System!

1.44MB Disk.jpgAnd let's talk about storage.  Remeber those 3.5 inch, 1.44MB Floppy disks?  A phone or a solid state drive with 256GB of storage would be equivalent to 182,016 of those 3.5" disks!  How many is that?  If you set those side by side - all 182,016 of them - those disks would stretch more than ten miles!

But what happens if you lose that data?  What happens if you get a virus or get hit with Ransomware?  If you lose your phone, you might be able to get back some of the photos, contacts, reminders and basic stuff like that - provided it was backed up either to a cloud or local device. 


What if your computer hard drive fails?  Hard Drive.gifUnless you have a solid state drive installed, your hard drive is spinning, and spinning fast - at least 5400 times a minute!  So it's usually not a question of if a hard drive will fail, it's a question of when.  Even if you do have a solid state drive installed, that drive could reach a maximum read / write limit and it too could fail, even though it has no moving parts.



And let's consider all of the Cyber Security Threats or natural disaster possibilities that are out there. Even if you are using solid state drives and are backing up to a Network Attached Storage device - there are other factors that could affect your business critical data. 
Malware.  Viruses.  Thefts.  Environmental.  And on.

Autocad3d.jpgConsider the true story of an architectural firm that needed some assistance with a backup plan.  We received a frantic call from the owner and he indicated he desparately needed a solution to back up his business mission critical data.  He realized he did not have a backup plan in place - however, the moment he came to this realization was at the worst possible time.  He realized this when a fire broke out in the building!  

SmallBuildingFire.jpgAs soon as the fire started, he evaluated the situation, and quickly remembered all of his data - all past projects, current projects, future proposals, customer and financial data - all resided on one computer.  His entire business lived on that one machine.  So he unplugged the computer, and carried the tower out of the burning building.  As it turns out, the fire in the building was quickly extinguished and contained, with minimal damage.  

But this is NOT the time to think about protecting your data!

That's Where We Come In

TechEdge Protect includes Enterprise Grade, Real Time Cloud based virus and cyber-threat protection, powered by WebRoot SecureAnywhere.  And it's managed by TechEdge, so if you do get a virus, we can take care of it for you - without you having to do a thing! 

TechEdge Protect also gives you Enterprise Grade, Centrally Managed Cloud Backup to protect your data.  Your photos, music, videos, documents and anything else that you have saved on your computer - backed up automatically to the cloud! And TechEdge manages the backup for you!

Managed Virus Protection
Managed Cloud Backup

Remote Support.  Included!

Remote Support.pngIn addition to enjoying Enterprise Grade managed virus protection and Enterprise Grade Managed Cloud Backup, TechEdge Protect also gives you two remote support requests included FREE each month!  That's right, FREE!  You can request remote support for anything and everything.  Need help installing a program?  We've got you covered.  Need some assistance printing a document?  No problem.  Just want to copy pictures from your phone to your computer?  We are here to help.  And you get two included each month!    Need on site support?  We are here for you and can be there for you too! 
On site support is available at an exclusive discounted rate of just $45 per request!

This Cloud Thing - How Reliable Is it?

We use S3 Hot Cloud Data storage - the same stuff used by enterprise giants. Server Data.gif
And now we can bring it to you!  It is always on, always available and highly secure data storage.  Your data is encrypted in transit and encrypted again once it reaches the cloud - with AES 256 bit encryption.  It's reliable too!  If you uploaded one million files, each one with a size of 1GB - you might lose one file every 659,000 years!  Now that's reliable!


malsample.jpgYour Data is Safe.

What happens if your computer gets hit with Ransomware?  The files on your computer could be encrypted with a demand for payment to recover your files... Not to worry!  Your data is checked for malware during upload and again on the server.  And multiple versions are retained, so your data is safe.  In fact, if there was a file edited or changed, or even deleted - you can go back to a previous version and get your data back quickly and easily!  


Award Winning Virus Protection - Powered by WebRoot SecureAnywhere

This is cloud based, real time protection that won't slow your computer down.  This will help you prevent those kind of attacks - and any other virus - from happening in the first place!  WebRoot.jpgOur WebRoot SecureAnywhere enterprise grade antivirus solution is cloud based, so it always has the most up to date protection available.  And it is managed by TechEdge Computer Solutions - we take care of everything!  We handle licensing, virus scan scheduling, and even threat removal if anything is found!  

Don't Lose Your Data.  Protect It.

How Much Does it Cost?

TechEdge Protect starts at just $20.00 per month.  This gives you unlimited file backup and restore requests, and up to 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of storage.  Because this is a Managed Backup, we will set up the backup plan, schedule it, and verify your backups are completing successfully.  

WebRoot SecureAnywhere is included and any threat detection or removal is completed at no additional charge!

Need to add image based protection as well as specific files to be backed up?  We will back up your entire drive, including all programs, settings, and user accounts!  This is available for an extra $5.49 per month, and it's managed too!  

What if I need more data?

No problem!  You can easily add additional S3 Hot Cloud Data any time.  Just call us at
(716) 579-3668 and we will add extra data to your account.  An additional 1TB of Hot Cloud Data - Always on and always available - is available for just $7.49 extra per month!  If you are using an image based backup plan, don't worry - you get an extra 1TB for just $3.49 a month!

Call us or chat with us today to discuss your data needs!  We can review the data to be backed up, determine how much data exists, and can also compress data so it uses less space in the cloud.  And if you do still need the extra data, it can be added to your account within one day. 

Got Any other discounts?

Absolutely.  If you need to backup and protect another machine, that is only $15 per month for each additional machine!

Want to save even more?  Enroll in the TechEdge AutoPay program and your card will automatically be charged each month, which is not only very convenient, but it also saves you money!  Save $2 a month when using TechEdge AutoPay, and you can cancel anytime!

Need on site support for something?  Remote support is great, but there are times when you just need someone to come to you.  On site support is available at a low discounted rate of just $45 per visit, instead of the normal $75 per visit!  Only available to TechEdge Protect customers!  Way to save!

What if I have a business with a bunch of machines and a bunch of data?



We are pleased to offer TechEdge Managed Services for our business customers.  This solution is custom tailored to your business needs.  We offer a wide range of services to help improve productivity, increase team collaboration, and protect your business critical data or machines.  From Endpoint virus protection and managed backup, to server or system administration, network management, cloud computing, virtualization, and Office in the cloud - we have a business solution for you.  We will come up with a custom plan, with your business needs in mind.  We can back up your SQL Database or we can make whole system images of your computer, server, or virtual machines.  Please call us at (716) 579-3668 or chat with us.  We would be honored to consult with your business, at no additional charge! 
Contact us today, so that you aren't the one running out of a burning building carrying your computer.  

Get TechEdge Protect today.  Fill out the form or start a chat.

We are looking forward to helping you secure and protect your data.  Please fill out this form or start a chat with us to see what we can do for you.  Of course, if you like what you read here, you can also call us at (716) 579-3668 and schedule time for a remote or on site evaluation of your current data backup needs.  We are happy to provide an evaluation of your backup needs for you at no charge!

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