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Free WebRoot 30 Day Trial!

Let's spread the love between now and Valentine's Day!  We are giving away a free trial of the award winning WebRoot SecureAnywhere cloud based antivirus. 

It's cloud based so it always has the most up to the minute virus definitions - without having to download a virus database every time it starts up.  That means you will not see an impact on performance when it is scanning.  Oh and because it is cloud based - scans are extremely quick, and complete in a matter of minutes, not hours.  

And as an added bonus - it is Managed!  What does that mean?  TechEdge Computer Solutions will actively manage the antivirus for you - we will take care of everything - scheduling scans, quarantine file review, and even licensing / activation.  

This special offer for a free 30 day trial expires on Valentine's Day, so don't miss out!

What do I do if I don't want a subscription? 
Nothing.  It will clean and protect your system during the 30 Day trial, then after your trial expires, it will automatically be removed.  Nothing else is required, and thank you for enjoying the free gift!

What if I like this protection and want a full license? 
Great!  Through this special offer, you can save 30% off the normal price of $50 for the year - that makes it only $35 for complete protection and peace of mind!  

What if I already have an antivirus program?
You are welcome to try both your existing antivirus and our WebRoot SecureAnywhere at the same time.  Your existing antivirus will run as intended, without any change.  And WebRoot will run alongside it so that you can test and evaluate for yourself.  We dare you to compare! 

I don't have a good backup plan!  I need Microsoft Office!  Can you help?
Yes we can!  We can custom tailor a backup plan just for you with both local and cloud backup, and we offer Microsoft Office 365 so that you can be productive on your computer, your tablet and on your mobile device.  Just check the box for Office or Backup!WebRoot.jpg